Girl Code

Over the years, I have had the blessings of meeting many awesome and not so awesome female friends. Cliché quote: The older you get, the wiser you become; this in fact, is true and I have applied it to my filtering of what females call “My Girls”. Most recently, in the last 12 months I had to reevaluate my close circle of Girls and although it was so very hard for me, I stood my ground for some peace in my life and withered out a few long-term girlfriends. It was an emotional and complicated task, but Girl Code was repeatedly violated, and these friends had to be excused out of my life. I just no longer have tolerance for ongoing BS. Though there are so many topics and unspoken rules, the bond of sisterhood should be shared once and for all and understood mutually with our “Girls” and these are my top 5 GIRL CODES.

1. BE HONEST to the girls in your life who know you best. You know who you are. Stop making up lies. The lies build up and you will eventually blast yourself on social media. Our community is so tight knit that I will hear through the grapevine of the deception. We see everything you post on social media. Really?? If you can’t be true to your closest girlfriends, you are pretty much lying to yourself. We WILL find out and you lose friend points.
2. BE ATTENTIVE to your girls. Your girls are there for you through your good and bad times without your need to ask. Pay it forward! I cannot stress this enough. The elders have a saying, “Sib Pauv Zog” which translates to exchange strength. Be there physically, mentally and emotionally for your girls through good times and bad without judgment. Don’t hate on her for any reason. We have celebrated heart breaks, bad days, stress, achievements, promotions, etc. both expectedly and unexpectedly. When we get together for any reason at all, it’s a life altering process. Go through the motions with your girls and be supportive. PAY IT FORWARD!
3. OFF LIMITS. Yeah, you read it right. You know your girls’ crush, lover, booty call, boyfriend or husband is 100% completely off limits. No if, ands or buts. Flirting is also not acceptable. Respect your girls’ territories ladies. Enough said.
4. UNSPOKEN RESCUE. Your girl has been smothered by unwanted attention by a lone wolf or maybe even a pack of wolves and she is giving you the eye. GO SAVE YOUR GIRL! Don’t sell her out for a few drinks. We all have been in this situation. Wobble your way over and just literally grab her hand and guide her to safety! Is that too much to ask?
5. NO GIRL LEFT BEHIND. We go out as a group we come back as a group unless otherwise specified. We rescue other girls who appear to be strayed from her own group. Sisterhood is not just in your circle. Females are vulnerable targets for evil doings so if you ever see a stray, take a little bit of you time and help her locate her group!

I am sure there are tons of opinions out there that are equally important, but these are the 5 GIRL CODES I challenge you to abide by. Your friendships will have longevity out of pureness. These 5 codes can make or break a long-term friendship. Be mindful, respectful and caring of those you consider your girls. They are your secondary lifeline to your immediate family. Cherish it!

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