Hmong American Day

We observe May 14th as Hmong American Day to more fully accomplish the vision of an America that wholly reflects, embraces, uplifts and celebrates the entirety of this nation’s history, deeds, and the rich diversity of people who call it home.

May 14th, 2022 marks the 47th Anniversary of the Hmong people’s journey out of Laos to America. As the Vietnam War and Secret War in Laos came to an end with the retreat of American forces, the late General Vang Pao courageously launched the Hmong American Diaspora by leading the Hmong out of Laos to pursue a new life in the US.

May 14, 1975 holds bittersweet memories and meaning for the Hmong. It marked the sorrowful departure from their original homeland and loved ones in Laos; it marked the beginning of the political persecution and slaughter of tens of thousands of Hmong who remained in Laos after the war; it also marked the pivotal turning point of when the Hmong began to pursue new lives in America; it also marked a new day of liberation for those who finally escaped war and could truly live in a free society. We also commemorate on this day, the men and women, who put their lives on the line so that we may all live in a free and just society. We commemorate the great General Vang Pao who led tens of thousands of Special Guerrilla Unit soldiers who left their families behind and braved gun-fire, bombings, and extreme guerilla conditions to defend democracy and freedom with the US-CIA in Laos. On this day, we also commemorate the thousands of Hmong civilians, soldiers, and veterans who ultimately made the greatest sacrifice and gave their lives to make freedom and liberty a reality for all Americans.

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