REDOXMood uses a healthy and effective blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and select Powered by Redox™ ingredients that will give you a more balanced mood. This multifaceted formula helps improve brain cell function to temporarily regulate and improve your mood. Fortified with B vitamins and Saffron for improved relaxation and mood, and infused with I-Tyrosine to support increased levels of neurotransmitters regulating mood.





Sustained Cellular Calmness & Good Mood*

Life’s everyday stressors can quickly lead to an overwhelming feeling. Luckily, REDOXMood helps naturally calm your thoughts by supporting neural-brain cell activity and reducing overall stress-related distractions. Find balance and let a positive outlook take over, so you can perform at your best regardless of what’s going on around you. Add this tropical flavor to your favorite drink and enjoy an enhanced feeling of peace and calm.

Calm the chaos around you

Our proprietary blend of ingredients is meant to improve brain cell performance and aid in the production of key chemicals that naturally regulate your mood. This helps you reach a state of increased calmness and less stress on your mind—both at a cellular and emotional level. You’ll also see improved sleep and an overall reduction in tiredness as a result, further improving how you feel.

• Helps to promote a feeling of calmness.*
• Helps your brain and body to move into a lower gear.*
• Helps regulate GABA receptors in the central nervous system to balance redox states.*
• Assists in the protein production of important mood-regulating hormones.*
• Supports the production of important neurotransmitters to uplift mood.*


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