There May Not Be a Fresno New Year in 2023!

The Hmong community, an integral part of Fresno’s cultural fabric, celebrates their heritage and traditions through the Hmong New Year Celebration. This significant event brings together members of the community to showcase their rich history and customs through cultural performances, traditional food, and other activities that highlight the diversity and beauty of the Hmong culture.

However, recent news reports suggest that the Big Fresno Fair has rejected all bids to host the Hmong New Year Celebration, causing disappointment and frustration among members of the Hmong community. This decision has been perceived as a lack of recognition and respect for the Hmong culture and traditions, with economic ramifications as it deprives local businesses of a significant source of revenue during the holiday season.

Despite this setback, the Hmong community remains resilient and resourceful. They are exploring alternative options, such as holding the event in a private venue like a community center or park. Another possibility is collaborating with other cultural organizations and hosting a joint celebration that showcases the diversity and richness of different communities in Fresno.

The Hmong New Year Celebration is an essential cultural event that deserves recognition and respect. The Hmong community should not be discouraged by the rejection from the Big Fresno Fair and should continue to celebrate their culture and traditions. Exploring alternative options is crucial to ensure that the Hmong New Year Celebration can still take place and that their customs can be shared with others.

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  1. I am hoping that this will not happen, we definitely need a new in Fresno to celebrate our beloved it culture. Fresno is one of the biggest celebration of Hmong new year!