Outrage Unleashed: Hmong Asian Community Unites to Demand Justice for Racist & Homophobic Comments Against Student

In a bewildering turn of events, the chronicles of Wausau East High School take an unsettling twist, as allegations against the band instructor, Robert Perkins, reverberate with an air of racial slurs and homophobic remarks directed towards a Hmong student. A cacophony of disapproval echoed through the corridors, prompting the student’s parents to file a formal complaint, subsequently leading to Perkins being placed on a leave of absence.

Unfolding like a dramatic crescendo, the district embarked on an investigation, delving into the murky depths of the accusations. However, emerging from this enigmatic process, a decision materialized that left many perplexed. The instructor, against whom the allegations were leveled, was reinstated by none other than Wausau School District Superintendent Dr. Keith Hilts. In a letter shrouded in ambiguity, Dr. Hilts asserted that the evidence presented failed to substantiate claims of harassment or discrimination. Instead, it illuminated a disconcerting revelation—Perkins had exhibited behavior deemed insensitive and unprofessional.

Struggling to reconcile this discordance, the letter proceeded to disclose the existence of witnesses who validated that Perkins had indeed employed language that possessed the potential to be insensitive towards students belonging to protected classes based on race and sex. Yet, a curious statement emerged, contending that this language failed to reach the threshold of discrimination or harassment. Such dissonance lingered in the air, leaving observers confounded and their minds awash with a torrent of perplexing thoughts.

Recent days witnessed the venting of frustrations and opinions at the Wausau School Board meeting, as concerned individuals seized the opportunity to voice their discontent. Simultaneously, a petition, with an ardent plea for the superintendent’s decision to be retracted and for Perkins to face termination, gained momentum. Within the ranks of petition signatories stood Mary Thao, a figure emblematic of the community’s leadership. In an effort to elucidate the intricacies of this disconcerting affair, Thao engaged in a candid conversation with WUWM’s intrepid race and ethnicity reporter, Teran Powell. Their discourse delved into the heart of the matter, weaving personal anecdotes as Thao, an Asian woman living in Wausau, imparted her own experiences.

Meanwhile, as the weight of public opinion cast a shadow over the district, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction sprang into action, initiating an investigation into the alleged misconduct by the educator. As the story unfolds with unabated fervor, its resolution remains tantalizingly elusive, leaving all observers enveloped in an aura of perplexity and bewilderment.

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