The Council of Hmong Public Relations: Paving the Way for a Sovereign Hmong Nation

In the vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures around the world, the Hmong community has been a resilient thread. Amidst their challenges and triumphs, the Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) stands tall, committed to advancing the interests and aspirations of the Hmong people. The CHPR is excited to proudly announce its upcoming working agenda, centered on the critical themes of nation-building, a groundbreaking referendum initiative, the development of a doctrine, proclamations, declarations, and the establishment of a constitution. These collective efforts are aimed at engaging with the international community to gain recognition for a sovereign Hmong country.

The CHPR’s Working Agenda

The Council of Hmong Public Relations has set an ambitious agenda that covers various vital aspects of Hmong identity and self-determination. Let’s delve into each of these initiatives.


The first cornerstone of CHPR’s agenda is nation-building. The Hmong community aspires to create an independent and sovereign state that can provide its people with peace, security, and economic development. This initiative reflects the community’s deep-rooted commitment to self-sufficiency and the pursuit of human rights.

The Referendum Initiative

A groundbreaking referendum initiative is a key step in the CHPR’s journey. Through a referendum, the Hmong people will have the opportunity to voice their collective desire for self-determination and sovereignty. This endeavor is a testament to the democratic spirit within the Hmong community.

Development of a Doctrine

To guide the Hmong nation, a doctrine will be developed. This doctrine will outline the principles and values that will underpin the nation’s governance and relationships with the international community.

Proclamations and Declarations

Proclamations and declarations will serve as the Hmong community’s formal statements of intent. They will communicate the community’s commitment to sovereignty and cooperation with the international community.

Establishment of a Constitution

The constitution of the sovereign Hmong nation will be a cornerstone of governance. It will outline the structure of government, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the principles that will guide the nation’s growth and development.

Engaging with the International Community

Gaining international recognition for a sovereign Hmong country is a significant goal. The CHPR aims to engage with international organizations, governments, and NGOs to secure this recognition.

Promotion of the Hmong Religion – Kamen

The Hmong religion, Kamen, is an integral part of the community’s identity. The CHPR will work to promote and preserve this faith as an essential aspect of the Hmong nation.

Development of the Hmong Written Alphabet – Pahauh

The Hmong written alphabet, Pahauh, is a powerful tool for preserving the community’s language and culture. The CHPR will focus on its development and dissemination.

Design of a National Flag

A national flag serves as a symbol of identity and unity. The CHPR will design a flag that resonates with the Hmong people and represents their aspirations.

Nurturing Cultural Identity

Cultural identity is at the heart of the Hmong community. The CHPR will undertake initiatives to nurture and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Hmong people.

Championing the Right to Self-Determination

The right to self-determination is a fundamental human right. The Hmong community, through the CHPR, seeks to champion this right and determine its own destiny.

Application for United Nations Membership

As a crucial step towards international recognition, the CHPR will submit an application for membership in the United Nations. This move will highlight the Hmong community’s commitment to becoming a legitimate member of the global community.

About CHPR

The Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) is a non-profit organization formed to advocate on behalf of the Hmong people for peace, security, economic development, and the pursuit of a country. CHPR is dedicated to serving the Hmong people to strive for self-sufficiency and self-determination and safeguard human rights.

In conclusion, the Council of Hmong Public Relations embarks on a journey that represents the aspirations of the Hmong community. Their agenda, ranging from nation-building to international recognition, is a testament to the resilience and determination of the Hmong people. It’s a story of self-determination, cultural preservation, and the pursuit of human rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the CHPR’s primary goal?
  • The CHPR’s primary goal is to advocate for the Hmong people’s self-determination and the establishment of a sovereign Hmong nation.
  1. How can the Hmong community achieve international recognition?
  • The Hmong community aims to achieve international recognition through engaging with the international community and applying for United Nations membership.
  1. What is the significance of the Hmong written alphabet, Pahauh?
  • Pahauh is essential for preserving the Hmong language and culture, ensuring their continued vitality.
  1. What role does the Hmong religion, Kamen, play in the community’s identity?
  • Kamen is a central aspect of the Hmong community’s identity, and its promotion and preservation are vital.
  1. What steps are being taken to preserve Hmong cultural identity?
  • The CHPR is actively working to nurture and celebrate the rich cultural identity of the Hmong people through various initiatives.

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