Empowering Emerging Artists: The Inspiring Journey of HMisfit and 35k Records

In the dynamic realm of the music industry, where dreams often collide with challenges, emerges a beacon of hope named Charlie Vue, professionally known as HMisfit. With a profound passion for music that ignited at the tender age of 16, Vue is now on a mission to pave the way for budding artists. This compelling journey has led to the inception of 35k Records, an innovative record label situated in the vibrant Chippewa Valley, marking a historic milestone as the first Hmong-owned record label in Eau Claire.

Nurturing Aspirations

“When you embark on your musical journey, the absence of foundational support can be an arduous hurdle to surmount. Learning the ropes independently consumes precious time,” Vue reflects. “As a solo artist, I’ve navigated these waters solo, acquiring valuable skills and forging connections that unravel the intricacies of the music industry. It struck me: why not become the cornerstone for emerging talents, identifying these artists and extending a helping hand?”

Through 35k Records, Vue extends a guiding hand to his signed artists. His support encompasses critical aspects such as procuring instrumentals, orchestrating studio sessions, and overseeing the intricate process of mixing and mastering vocals. Beyond these essentials, the label takes on the role of facilitating music releases and organizing live performances, a pivotal step in propelling these promising artists into the limelight.

Diverse Artistic Horizons

While Vue’s heart beats to the rhythm of hip-hop as HMisfit, he envisions 35k Records as a melting pot of diverse musical styles and genres. The goal is to forge connections with a multitude of talented artists from various creative spectrums. Currently, Vue has inked deals with two exceptional artists and aspires to welcome a total of six artists into the 35k Records family as he solidifies his presence in the industry.

The Essence of 35k Records

The moniker “35k Records” bears a profound connection to Vue’s HMong heritage. In HMong, “Three,” “five,” and “K” translate to “Peb Tsis K,” signifying “We don’t care” in English. This nomenclature is Vue’s poignant response to those who cast shadows of doubt upon the dreams of aspiring musicians. He passionately asserts, “I want every artist to know that when you step into 35k Records, skepticism and naysayers hold no sway here. Our sole purpose is to bolster your dreams and propel you towards success.”

Future Visions

Presently, Vue operates the label from the comfort of his home, but he harbors grand ambitions. He envisions establishing a state-of-the-art studio in Eau Claire, a pivotal step towards providing a nurturing environment for his artists to flourish. Additionally, a grand inaugural event is on the horizon, where the signed artists will take center stage, introducing 35k Records to the local community. While the specifics of this event are still in the works, interested parties can stay updated through 35k Records’ Facebook page.

In the realm of music, where passion meets persistence, HMisfit and 35k Records stand as a testament to the unwavering spirit of artists and their indomitable dreams. As Vue continues to carve a path for emerging talents, the harmonious melodies of success are poised to resonate louder than ever before.

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