Framing Your Facial Features with EYEBROWS

Framing your facial features with EYEBROWS

Did you know that eyebrows are a vital part of your face? They contribute a great deal in framing it; depending on your eyebrows you can create attention towards the eyes and even frame your facial features. Women worry more about their eyebrows more than men, however; nowadays men have become aware of the importance of the brows and occasionally get them trimmed for maintenance.

There are many different shapes of eyebrows but mostly it gets broken down to what I called it 4 styles of eyebrows:

1.        The girl next door style: A very nicely medium slight thin arch. It is a very appealing style as it is not highly over done on the arch and not over done on the size as it is not too thin or too thick but just the perfect size. (Celebrities with this style includes Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston)

2.        The glamorous style: A medium size eyebrow with a slight curve adding that glamorous, charming, attractive, fascinating look. (Celebrities with this style includes Megan Fox)

3.        The femme fatale: This style gives you the sultry, mysteriously sexy, vampy, and ultra-glam look. (Celebrities with this style includes Rihanna)

4.        The sweet innocent flat style: A bigger size eyebrow look that gives you the sweet and cute girl’s look. (Celebrities with this style includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Selena Gomez, and mostly all Korean celebrities)

So why are eyebrows important? You decide what your answer is…

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