The Quintessential Good Girl: Why Guys Can’t Resist Her?

The errant nature of guys has been synonymous as twiddling one’s thumb. Unbeknownst to many, boys seem complicated but contrary to this notion we’re quite simple. In our pubescent stages of erecting to our manhood, we’re lost in a time constraint world in trying to find ourselves, and in this time warp our main goal becomes finding a companion. Our bad behavior is all about our image, and to see how popular we become in this stage of disobedience. These egotistical tendencies becomes this phenomenon that attracts all girls to us. Like a magnet, they all come in every direction: from the bad girls, to the moderate good and bad girls, and to the really good girls. We thrive for the natural high of being wanted, but our objectives are the ones our parents have been talking about, the cooking, cleaning, obedient, stay-at-home good girls. Let me give you snippets of a man’s point of view. Why do guys fall for good girls?

The first reason is something I’ve coined and named “mother’s puppetry.” Mother’s puppetry is defined as boys’ attachment to their mothers. To further expand this, boys have an instinctive affinity in listening to their moms. This is inherent and becomes the natural order of a maternal mother’s ability to sway their son(s) in some way or another. The rebellious tendency of all boys’ behaviors reverts back to their mothers’ incessant pedagogical ways of finding Miss Perfect. This constant nagging is embedded in us by our mothers’ remarks of marrying the right girl, so life wouldn’t take the turn to the miserable seven letter word, yep you guessed it, divorce! As a consequence, becoming ostracized by the community. Remarks from your mother: “marry a pretty girl who loves her mom, marry a girl who is pure and values her virginity, marry a girl who doesn’t go out, marry a girl who doesn’t smoke, and marry a girl who is educated.” The list goes on infinitely, these main principles are measures instilled in us in identifying these so-called perfect good girls. This misanthropic behavioral symptom is the case in moms worldwide due to their unrelenting chase to find the perfect daughter-in-law, as they’re just trying to find the perfect wife for their sons—I wouldn’t blame them in trying to do so.

Secondly, aforementioned, we’d like that one perfect good girl that we’re searching for to be just like mom. Someone who has that everlasting enduring love towards their child, just like mom was to me. Someone who is compassionate and understanding, just like mom was to me. Someone who is a hard worker, and someone who loves to cook and clean, just like mom was. Someone who is there for dad no matter the situation, just like mom was. Lastly, someone who listens to dad and never interrupts, just like mom was. A perfect wife is docile and easily malleable to contour to your likings, as in a good girl that you’ve envisioned to be just like your mom.

Here’s a list of what guys like in a good girl:

1: Attraction is first no matter what anyone says, so she’s got to be cute.

2: Guys hate drama, so we’d like a girl who doesn’t talk back because guys are always right!

3: We want a girl who would listen to us no matter if we’re right or wrong; which goes back to answer 2.

4:We want an intelligent girl who’ll play down her intelligence when she’s around you.

5:She has to be able to communicate well, in both Hmong and English, and can easily win over your parents in just this alone.

6:She’s got your back no matter if you’re right or wrong; basically she’s down for you through thick and thin.

7.She’s laid back, humble, and is cool whenever your friends are around.

8.She loves your friends and family, especially your parents.

9.She has goals in life and is attending college or just graduated.

10. She’s supportive of all your goals and ambitions in life even though things aren’t panning out like it’s supposed to be.

11. She respects her elders.

12. She loves kids.

13. She’s fun and spontaneous.

14. You can talk to her and confide in her, as she’s your best friend.

15. And the list goes on…

So, here you bad girls find yourself thinking: “Damn, I haven’t yet found my Mr. Right!” Maybe you’ve got to ask yourself if you have these qualities of being a good girl. Once you’ve been able to mold yourself into having these qualities, is once guys start looking your way. Remember, looks may be the first attraction in a relationship, but what’s inside you as person is how long the guy will stay with YOU.

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