Touching Lives: How Two Sisters Follow Their Mission One Person at a Time

Chong Ly and Miva Yang, two sisters from Wisconsin, were invited to speak at the inauguration of the Hmong International Catholic Center in Thailand. They delivered evangelistic talks to Hmong Catholics from various countries, focusing on biblical stories, spiritual growth, and embracing religious conversion. The sisters received an enthusiastic response from the attendees, inspiring them and leaving a lasting impression.

Both sisters have been active members of the Hmong American National Catholic Association (HANCA) for many years and have spoken at numerous conferences in the United States. This was their first international mission, and they were joined by nearly 60 Hmong Catholics from the US. Despite requests from villagers to visit their communities for catechism sessions, time constraints prevented the sisters from fulfilling this wish.

Realizing the villagers’ eagerness to connect and learn more, the sisters created a public Facebook page called “Chong & Miva – Tshaj Ntuj Lus” (Spread God’s Word) in the Hmong language. However, they faced limitations on video length for posting, so they also established a YouTube channel where they could share extended versions of their catechesis videos.

Chong Ly and Miva Yang consider themselves in the roles of Mary and Martha, dedicated to serving Jesus. They have felt called to evangelize since a young age and have fond memories of their time in Laos and their resettlement in the US. They have also contributed to the publication of the first-ever Hmong hymnal book and have a YouTube channel dedicated to their Catholic hymns.

Using their Facebook page as a communication hub and their YouTube channel for longer programs, the sisters create content that connects followers and subscribers worldwide. They continue to catechize, provide resources, and share faith-related content, aiming to make a difference in one person’s life at a time. Their long-term aspiration is to help build a chapel in a Southeast Asian village, but they recognize the importance of cultivating faith within the community before pursuing larger projects.

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